Marco Galtarossa

Ristorante Zanze XVI

A balance between taste, technique and method. From Enoteca Pichiorri to Noma, via Ristorante Feva and Il Tickets. Galtarossa was born in Caposampiero September 1989. Precision, rigor, creativity and what he learned from his teachers at Alberghiero di Abano, are his major gifts. He switched between studying and working during the summer for Excelsior di Venezia Lido Hotel, Cavallino Bianco and Ortisei, his thirst for learning and to challenge himself was very strong in his personality. The first call comes from El Molin Restaurant (Cavalese) during the summer 2009, follow and enlightening but intense experience at Cracco (Milan) he then works at Hotel Europa & Regina in 2011. He was then hired full time at Villa Feltrinelli where, with chef Stefano Baiocco, held two internships, one at Robuchon (Paris) and the other at Joia (Milan). After many attempts, Galtarossa finally joins the team of Enoteche Pinchiorri (Firenze) where he mastered his techniques and broadens his knowledge about traditionsl cuisine. After eight months he then got a job offer from Feva, he starts working as head chef with Nicola Donato which will lasted over three years, doing internships at Albert Adria's Tickets in between. Last but not least, after working for Rene Redzepi's Noma, Marco Galtarossa, in November 2018, received an offer to become the head chef for the restaurant Zanze XVI.



Chef Donato Ascani

Ristorante Glam *

Donato Ascani, a native of Fiuggi, born in 1987, raised by hard working parents. His first important experiences with chef Fabio Tacchella and then at ALMA, under the careful supervision of Marco Soldati and Luciano Tona, following with Enrico Crippa. Then after moving to Milan he began with Paolo Lopriore at Tre Cristi in Milan. Later with Bartolini he was chosen for his cooking style. He carefully choses and selects the ingredients for his dishes, and thanks to his fine palate, he introduced to Glam restaurant a direct menu. This can be summed up with the formula 1 flavor + 1 other flavor = an explosion of taste in the mouth. Now he displays à la carte menu and two tasting menu: Arte, Orti e Laguna e Natura e Origini.
Eight dishes that change according to the country of origin of the guest.



Chef Masahiro Homma

Ristorante Cucina Del Tentor

Masahiro Homma is from a small town in the Okayama province, south west Japan. He moved to Kobe at the age of 18 where he tasted Italian cuisine for the first time, moved by that experience decided to travel to Florence where he lived for two years. He worked for many restaurants around Italy such as Locanda Del Pilone ad Alba, he then moved to Padova and finally Venice. Employed in various traditional taverns in Venice he mastered the cooking of local ingredients, such as SARDE & CANOCE. In Venice Homma worked for notorious restaurants, for example Quadri and Il Ridotto. Homma is still living in Venice today, working at Cucina del Tentor, where he uses his experience to create genuine dishes with local ingredients, specifically from Mercato di Rialto where he buys his ingredients everyday.