How to get there?

From Santa Lucia train station:
  1. On foot: 20 minutes walk, follow directions to Rialto
  2. Ferry: Line 1 towards Lido, get off at Rialto mercato
  3. Line 2 or 2/ Towards S. Marco, get off at Rialto

Debit & Credit Cards

Cash only, around Rialto there are ATMs available 24/7

Food & drinks

During the festival you will be able to taste a limited selection of gourmet recipes cooked by our Guest Chefs, exclusively for FRESCH.IN. This will be free charge. You will be also able to buy our special fish & veggie burgers, organic chips & a wide rang of beverage


Due to the Carnival, there will be chemical toilets installed around Rialto. Their specific location is unknown and those will not be managed by FRESCH.IN


During the Carnival many police officers and paramedics will be found in Rialto. They are not affiliated with the festival but with the city of Venice


The Fish Market of Rialto is a strategic semi-open space with a solid roof against rain and any other bad weather condition